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Featuring Cummins Onan Generators, Clow Electric can help solve your emergency and back-up power needs through sales, service, installation, and rentals of emergency generators and backup power solutions.

Your power can go out for any number of reasons. Sometimes, a transformer simply fails due to age. Occasionally, a work crew nicks an underground cable. Other times, an accident or storm causes damage to electrical poles or lines. When electrical service to your home or business is interrupted, a standby generator quickly detects it, starts up, and produces quiet, clean electricity—so you can get on with your life. It’s that simple.

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Standby Generator

How Does an Emergency Standby Generator Work?

A standby generator system for emergency power and backup power system typically has three basic elements:

Generator – Produces electricity for essential or selected systems like cooling, heating, refrigeration, security and lighting. Your backup needs, simple or more extensive, determine the size and output of the unit.

Transfer Switch – Immediately senses when power is interrupted and transfers power generation responsibility to the generator. Senses when power is restored and transfers the load back to the utility source and signals the generator to cool off and shut down.

Service Entrance Breaker – Provides protection to your transfer switch, internal breakers and circuits and generator due to electrical strikes and power surges.

Generator Use Diagram

Why you NEED a Generator

We live in a  world where we rely more and more on electricity 24/7. Whether it’s working from home and a catastrophic storm knocks out your power…could you really live without a backup generator?  We don’t think so!  Our Cummins ONAN home generators may be the answer to the safety and security of your family and business no matter what life throws your way.

Here are 4 Reasons Why You Need a Standby Generator


Power Outages are Going to Happen

Our country’s electrical grid is made up of old technology. Electrical pioneer, Thomas Edison, developed in the late 1800s a majority of the backbone to this power grid after World War II using technology from the ‘50s and ‘60s. While updates have started, the process will take years to complete. To put it simply, our power grid is outdated! Combine this with severe weather, home generators are becoming more of a necessity.


Life Without Power is No Fun

Long power outages are more than just an inconvenience. If you and your family experience a loss of electricity in your home for an extended period, food sources and repairs that follow can leave your wallet as empty as your refrigerator.


Standby Generators Have Never Been More Affordable

Investing in a residential standby generator can guarantee comfort, security, and peace of mind. By managing your electrical loads during power outages, we can design an automatic standby generator system that doesn’t break the bank.


Generators Minimize Business Losses

For most businesses owners, if your electricity goes out, making money is extremely limited and you may even lose business to your competitor who still has power. A standby home generator can always make sure you’re open for business!

Cummins Onan Generators

Why Choose Cummins Onan?

Because Uptime, Reliability, and Performance Matter

Look to the name that means dependability: Cummins. Cummins Power Generation provides dependable solutions for all your power needs. In business since 1920, its comprehensive line of products can be found in recreational vehicles, marine, commercial mobile, residential standby, and portable applications. In addition to a strong heritage of quality, Cummins is also committed to providing products that minimize their impact on the environment.

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